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Through relevant content, engaging conversation and authentic interactions, we provide your brand with a community to build lasting relationships.

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Social Media Marketing


Social Media Management

Let’s face it - the days of pulling all-nighters fueled exclusively by energy drinks are long gone. Social media never sleeps, but you need to. Rest easy at night knowing your social media accounts are in good hands.

Content Creation

Some things just belong together – Facebook and Instagram, movies and popcorn, peanut butter and jelly. But everyone knows those. When it comes to your brand, we make a great pair. Watch how quickly everyone else catches on.

Social Media Consulting

We’ve all heard of, if not experienced, the true test of trying to assemble a new IKEA product. You know what it’s supposed to look like, there’s a guide and hundreds of tiny little pieces, everywhere. The same can be said for social media, except we help to guide you, effectively, in the right direction to build your masterpiece.

Social Media Insights

Remember the game Battleship? Remember how challenging it was? It was a giant game of hit or miss that usually ended in frustration. Luckily, insights allow us to avoid this tedious game altogether. The tracking grid may be overwhelming, but we know how to navigate around it.

Graphic Design


The perfect design is everything. We work with a couple of talented Graphic Designers to bring your brand to life. Need a logo? Done. Menu? Done. Poster, pamphlets, invitations? Done, done, and done. You name it, we can do it!



Commercial Photo & Video


megan Dvorkin

From agency intern to business owner and everything in between, there isn’t an experience that hasn’t contributed to the social media aficionado that I am today. When I’m not behind the computer you can find me on my phone – Instagramming photos of my cat, sharing photos of recent travels on Facebook and Tweeting about my favorite brands. Basically, social media isn’t what I do, it’s all I do.


Evan Dvorkin

I am a photographer and videographer from Baltimore City. I grew up with a creative spirit and was always drawn to film, spending time memorizing movie quotes with my brother Justin and sister Ashley. In my twenties he began working for 206 Restaurant Group in various roles. After realizing his passion for photography and videography, I was put in charge of all creative media for the restaurants and for Oliver Brewing Company. Having the opportunity to pursue my passion in a professional role has led me to start Ev Photo Cinema, part of Your Social Gathering. This opened the door for me to use my talents to provide high end photography and videography across a wide range of fields including food and beverage, residential and commercial real estate, professional portraits, fitness professionals and studios and modeling.


Current Clients

Past Clients




M Power Yoga

Megan has took our social media to a whole new level. She has also needed very little time up front to learn the ins and outs of our business and has represented the voice and feel of the brand perfectly. I am extremely happy we are working with Your Social Gathering.

Hops & Harvest Festival

When running an event, there are no less than 10 things to do at once and 5 of them probably should have been done yesterday. Megan and Evan made this level of busy not only feel possible to get done, but get done well. YSG didn’t just meet my expectations, they surpassed them all while making working together fun. 5 Stars, 2 Thumbs Up.



ivy gifford & team

Your Social Gathering has brought us out of the dark ages and into the 21st century with our social media. Yes, we all use Facebook, but did you know there is a right way and best practices for this powerful tool? When it came time to create a page for our business, Your Social Gathering not only made it easy, but taught us how to post for the biggest impact. If you need help with your Facebook presence for your business, do yourself a favor and let these professionals guide you through!


We used Evan and Your Social Gathering for a video and still photography in a marketing campaign. They collaborated, listened carefully, were professional, and provided the right amount of input and artistic nuance to make our project widely successful. I am so happy we chose them and will do so again in the future.